Perlious Hope

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Alex Calder, LLC has partnered with renowned artist and sculptor Trevor Carter to create this one-of-a-kind sculpted and handcrafted wave from a limited edition of thirteen, one for EACH star of the state of Rhode Island’s flag with each one representing “Hope.”

While it is an acknowledgement to Kay Worden’s iconic wave sculpture, located at the Perry Hill Market at the junction of America’s Cup Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island, this beautiful piece of art has been created to remind us of the more perilous conditions during 2020. The unprecedented cancellation of the America’s Cup races as well as the many beach closures represents the symbolism for the missing boy diving into the wave. All a consequence of the COVID-19 Virus that has impacted our world and the way we live. In a year of devastation, challenge and loss, the beauty of waves on the shore can remind us that whilst turbulent, unpredictable and confronting waves ultimately dissipate on the beach enabling us to clearly see the horizon once again.

Formed from an original clay sculpture, then cast in a crystal clear resin layered with azure, turquoise and royal blue pigments to react prismatically with the light. The result creates a unique sculpture that reflects the limitless colors of the ocean. The beautiful red maple wood base’s were cut from a fallen tree from Newport, Rhode Island which is symbolic of the beaches and cliff walk along the shoreline of this beautiful Rhode Island town.

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